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Discover delightful jewellery, art and other crafts by carefully selected UK designers


It would be impossible to visit the Kintyre Peninsula on the West Coast of Scotland and fail to notice the many miles of spectacular, unspoilt coastline. Rolling Atlantic breakers crashing onto vast stretches of sandy beach to the west, contrasting with the rugged, rocky shoreline to the east.


​Kintyre is a well kept secret: a place of unrivalled beauty, friendliness and peace. 

It is also home to many artists who find endless inspiration for their work in the natural beauty surrounding them.


Kintyre and its natural beauty is the perfect location for Coastal Design. Within this airy gallery you are welcome to browse the arts and crafts designed and made by a number of talented and innovative artisans, from both local and UK based designers. Our range of stock means that there is something for everyone, whatever your budget.

Gift Vouchers can be bought in the gallery or we can post them to you at your request.

Please phone or e-mail for further details.

We look forward to welcoming you.


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Inspirational Kintyre

An Artists Paradise 


Gift Collection

A specially selected range of gifts and jewellery from UK designers


Eco Friendly

Environmentally friendly products. Looking after the world we live in

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