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Joseph Loganbill

Seascapes, boats, sweeping hillside pastures, a timeworn bridge — all the beautiful sights of Scotland provide exciting inspiration for artist Joseph Loganbill. Based on the western edge of the Kintyre peninsula, he paints and sketches on scene to inform his finished works in oil. 


“I’ve found my own aesthetic over many years of painting, but owe a great debt to my American studies with Sherrie McGraw, David Leffel, Jeff Legg and Ray Roberts. They trained me to follow the light through each composition.”


“I’m constantly on the hunt for new discoveries in the world around me. I hope you’ll feel the excitement that brings for me, translated in paint.” 

JL 6.jpg

At Home by the Sea


20 x 20 cm oil on panel.

Shadows on the sand and beach grasses frame this view of a traditional Scottish home on Kintyre. 


Early Spring Grazing



Ceann Loch Sparkle


Hidden Cove

Joseph Loganbill

Foggy Workday


20 x 20 cm oil on panel.

Fog always adds a feeling of mystery--the land an unseen distance--as fishermen continue their daily work.    

JL 7.jpg

Distant Shower

20 x 20 cm oil on panel.

Rain showers sweep from the sea to Kintyre in vibrant sunset colours. 


A Fresh Start


'If at First...'

JL 5.jpg

Beachside Brook

20 x 20 cm oil on panel.

The trickling sound of the fresh stream where it meets the ocean at Muasdale on Kintyre. 


Day Dream


Wave Crests at Tangy


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