Inspirational Kintyre - An Artists Paradise


Wherever you turn in Kintyre there is something for an artist to capture.

Whether the landscape and light inspires its local residents and visitors or acts as a magnet to already talented artists, it is hard to say. Whatever the case, the result is that wherever you are in the world you can have your own piece of Kintyre art to enjoy.

Click on an artist below to find out something about them and also to view the current and recent paintings exhibited in Coastal Design. The dimensions given are for the painting alone and then framed.

We welcome you to visit the gallery to view current pieces without obligation. 

Ronald Togneri
Christine Russell
Heather Gillies
Joseph Loganbill
Catherine McKillop
Victoria Maxwell MacDonald
Stuart Herd
George Stewart
Louise Oppenheimer
Karen Beauchamp
Marnie McCallum
Rossyln Oman
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